Solo Mixtapes

Max Petersen’s Solo-repertoire includes a range of arrangements of songs from the American song book, original music and classical music. In 2018 he presented his so called “mixtape series” with solo piano music that was released on three limited edition cassettes.

The series as a new approach – From the blog:

“For me, making this series was a way to push myself into this digital age, mainly by working with Lukasz Polowczyk from Initials LP (, who inspired me to seek new ways of presenting my music, may it be through social media, better visual implementation, or by using a cassette as the physical object to release my music on. Simply put, this is a way of symbolically ascribing value to something as intangible as recorded sound, and thus serving the music that I make.

I like the idea of presenting new music on regular bases (roughly every 2 months) to highlight what I have been working on recently. Plus, releasing the music in the form of a single long track (taken from the idea of a mixtape) forces the listener to take a short time off to listen to the music as a whole, rather than skipping through tracks and avoiding what might appear to be boring on first encounter.”

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